Camp Vibes for unpretentious people

Poler stuff is for people who like doing things in their own way, be that camping or surfing, skiing or hiking - or simply strolling through the streets. more

The Deus Bike Build off

Its official, 2015 will see the return of the Deus Boundless Enthusiasm Bike Build Off and the 3rd of May is the date to mark a big red cross on the calendar. more




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Fortunvej 29,1
2920 Charlottenlund
Tel: +45 8619 9959


We are an honest, straightforward and fast growing fashion agency and distribution company, Danish based and running since 2002. Our mission is to bring new inspiring brands onto the Scandinavian market. We have built up a solid and long-term cooperation with agents in Sweden, Norway and Finland.

Our ideology is based on an open mind, creative impulses and spontaneous ideas and we believe that is only successfully accomplished through a flexible and professional environment.