an open mind, creative impulses and spontaneous ideas


We are an honest, straightforward and fast growing fashion agency and distribution company, Danish based and running since 2002. Our mission is to bring new inspiring brands onto the market. We have built up a solid and long-term cooperation with agents all over Europe.
Our ideology is based on an open mind, creative impulses and spontaneous ideas and we believe that is only successfully accomplished through a flexible and professional environment.


Our head office and showroom is located just outside Copenhagen in an old industrial factory. The surrounding area holds other creative companies such as galleries, graphic design studios and showrooms of other well sorted fashion brands.
Additionally our agents have showrooms in all the major cities in Europe, like Paris, London, Berlin, Zurich etc.


We currently represent a staff of 9 altogether. Having a huge passion for the fashion industry we all posses the drive and determination to conquer whatever goal we pursuit. Working together as a team ensures that all new-thinking ideas are taken into consideration and thus constructively used to improve our work. In other words we are continuously pushing the boundaries for what is possible.


With more than fifty years of experience in the fashion industry we have developed strong relations to a variety of retail stores and other partners. We are known as a reliable and professional partner always offering the best quality and trendy brands. We take pride in knowing our customers and their needs in order to always serve them the most professional way possible.
Our approach towards our customers is simple; we don’t think of our customers as merely customers, we think of them as important partners who are equally dedicated and enthusiastic about our brands as we are ourselves.


We believe that a brand can only be successfully established in the European market by creating the right sense of the brand through PR and we believe it to be done with patience in order to achieve a solid image.
We have established durable contact to the best circles of PR in order to ensure exposure of our brands in the best-suited media. We arrange press weeks twice a year but our showrooms are constantly open to both press and stylists.